Heat Emergencies (Hyperthermia) & Dehydration

Animal Emergency Care information

The Signs:

Excessive panting or salivation, lethargic, unable to stand, lack of coordination, vomiting, diarrhea, red gums

Take Action:

Move your pet to a cool area as soon as possible. Keep them calm. If water is nearby, encourage them to stand or lay down in cool water. Do not give them a cold bath. Put small amount of water on the tongue or offer them ice cubes. You may cover them with wet towels and apply cool compresses between their legs. If your pet does not respond to this therapy and is depressed, anxious, is having difficulty breathing, seek veterinary care immediately. Heat stroke and dehydration can lead to shock and organ damage and organ failure. Normal temperature for a dog
is 100–102 degrees Fahrenheit.

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